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KillaCycle 1/9th Scale Die Cast Model - hand crafted by the KillaCycle Team!


Image of KillaCycle 1/9th Scale Die Cast Model - hand crafted by the KillaCycle Team!

Get a piece of history – a very detailed hand crafted KillaCycle 1/9th Scale Die Cast Model.

This model is a very detailed high-quality die-cast drag bike collectible. The wheels spin, the front suspension works, and the forks turn. It is hand crafted by the KillaCycle Crew Chief Eva Hakansson and it will be signed by Bill Dube’ and Eva.

In a similar fashion to the full-sized KillaCycle, this scale model KillaCycle is based on a traditional GXSR style drag bike. It has a scale-model A123Systems battery pack instead of an engine. It also has scale battery cables made from wiring from the original KillaCycle! You actually get a real piece of the real KillaCycle as part of this model.

We used detailed photos of parts of the KillaCycle, along with the original graphics files used to make the logos on the actual KillaCycle to make the graphics for the scale model, so they are an exact scale model of the real thing.

We built this scale model because many folks have asked for one, and frankly we really need the money to support our racing efforts. Help the KillaCycle go even faster and help building the new KillaCycle Land Speed Racing Streamliner motorcycle. By buying this collectible, you make the KillaCycle faster!

There will only be a very limited number made of these scale models, so get it now!

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery, they are hand crafted and take several days to build.

Shipping included for the USA, $25 to the rest of the world.
(+ sales tax if shipped to an address in Colorado).